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Discussion in 'CoD support' started by lewen, Jul 10, 2014.


How can i avoid that?

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  1. lewen

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    Jul 10, 2014
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    hello everyone
    there is a cod4 server.
    they dont want me in game.they have trouble with me.they made 2x script for me(themselves said that) 1 script for detect me and kick. other script for admin warning system(when i enter game if first script dont kick me second script calling admin and ban me :D) they banned me 150 or 200 times.
    here is the video:(when the game start , game checking something in everyone and kick or not)

    im wonder how its working?i changed cd key-formatted pc-changed ip adres-mac adres-volumeid and a lot of other things.still it can find me and kick me(when i got kicked all settings are unknown.i reisntalled game still its working and thats really annoying

    im wonder how they find me? i want to change my name and play-stay hide
    can somebody help me?
    sorry for bad english.

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