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    While most of the major Battlefield 1943 problems have been resolved, some people are still having issues mainly due to blocked ports or ISP problems. Gordon Van Dyke is back again with a guide explaining what ports need to be open and how to connect to EA Online if that is your problem.

    "Gordon Van Dyke" DICE

    Hi Everyone,

    Now that we have sorted most (not all) of our issues on our end we'd like you to try some of these suggestions that have helped many resolve issues that have affected them playing BF1943. If trying these still don't help please feel free to post in here about you issue. Give as much detail as possible or we can't help no matter how badly we'd like to.

    Also, if you've found solutions please post them and I'll add them to this post with credit to you for the help.

    Playing With Friends (Squad & Private Matches)
    If you still can't connect on Xbox 360 or PS3 and are behind a Network Router/Gateway you should forward the ports listed below. If you don't know how to do this grab your nerdiest friend to help or go to your Router/Gateway manufacturers support site.

    PS3 Users: Use these ports or DMZ your system to allow these services.


    XBOX 360 Users: Having the correct ports forwarded for some is the most important thing for you to do and can easily block joining friends in our game.

    TCP Ports: 80, 13020, 18280, 18285
    UDP Ports: 53, 3074, 11000-11030, 18285

    Background on how it is set-up: We use the built in friend invite system for Xbox 360, one thing they don't allow is inviting a friend to play on a full server. This was also the cause of not being able to squad up with friends when most servers were full. Also, if the person that created the squad pr Private match has any issues joining friends or port restrictions when attempting to connet it will fail for everyone. If it fails see if a different friend can start it instead, but the person with issues won't connect and the others without these issues will.

    We are double checking things on our end because last Saturday we found an issue that was breaking this system, but please try these suggestions to see if they help.

    Connecting To EA Online

    If you can't connect to EA Online or get dropped right away read over this and hopefully it can help.

    Xbox 360 Full Game & PS3 Full Game Users & PS3 Trial: If you have played older EA Online Games you created a Persona on an older Legacy system, this has issues sometimes connecting to that persona for BF1943 since it uses a newer account system. We put out a fix in our log in system, but seems this didn't help everyone. If you think this is the case you can sometimes fix this by downloading a newer EA Demo of a full game that allows online connections. It will sort your accounts persona for you console and then allow it to be used in Battlefield 1943. If this doesn't help contact EA Support so they can manually fix this on the back end of our system.

    Xbox 360 Trial Users: Microsoft does not allow Trial users without an EA Online account already to be required to have an account. Because of this we create a spoof account that that you never see happens. For odd reasons some of this get stopped for connecting to EA Online. We put out a fix in our log in system, but seems this didn't help everyone. One way to solve this is like mentioned above, so if you think this is the case you can fix this by downloading a newer EA Demo of a full game that allows you to create a real EA Online account on Xbox 360. It make a Xbox 360 persona and attach it to your EA Online account you now made and use the same created persona in Battlefield 1943. Creating this account should solve it and please use and email and make a password you'll remember. You can use this account for any Online EA game and log into with the email and password you created.

    Generic Info for All Connection Issues
    Keep in-mind some ISP's have restrictions in their network, you connect to the Internet through them and they filter all data. They can easily not know they block a legit service or access to play our game, so contact their customer support as well. This seems more common in the U.K., Denmark, and Japan. The easiest way to test this is if during off peak times like 01:00 to 06:00 you can play and then it stops and happens every day that is them controlling access and limiting usage to lower daily bandwidth cost on their end. They also over subscribe users, meaning they have enough bandwidth for 5 users at the listed speed, but have 15 users sharing that. We can't control this and it upsets us as much as you, we want you to play, trust me!

    A good Router/Gateway can make a huge difference, they are in essence a computer managing your internet connections and can very easily bottleneck this and ruin you online experience. Use this link to see which router/gateways are awesome and which are not. And think of it like this, would you want a Ferrari with a 90 horsepower engine?
    SmallNetBuilder - Small Network Help - Router Performance Comparison Charts - WAN to LAN Throughput

    I will update this when needed and edit any mistakes or grammar errors found. [​IMG]

    Edit#1: Already added something I forgot for Xbox Squad & Private Match
    Edit#2: Corrected PS3 ports.
    Edit#3: Updated the Xbox 360 playing with friends.
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    Hi there,

    I have an xbox 360 and have been disconnected every time without fail from Battlefield 1943 after about 5-10 minutes of gaming. I have opened the correct ports in my router, but I get disconnected every time after about 5-10 minutes. I still can chat with my friends on xbox live chat, but the only way to get back into the game is to disconnect from live, then reconnect. How do I fix this? Thanks for your help!
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    i tried some of these i could do. once i start the game i am on for 5-10 minutes and get kicked for no connection. all my other games work fine with the internet. any help. and it happens on battlefield 1943.
    BTW i have a ps3 and i have a belkin wireless.

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