CoD:WaW Mod Tools 1.4

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    CoD:WaW Mod Tools 1.4


    55 Mb

    These are the new World at War Mod Toolset in conjunction with the new patch v1.6

    This package has over 3000 assets to help you create your own Shi No Numa-style levels in conjunction with Patch 1.6. Please visit for a brand new tutorial that gives step-by-step instructions on how to take advantage of these new assets.
    As always, we are excited to see new, fan-made zombie maps created by the community. Have fun!

    Added and Updated Files:

    • DLC3 zombie .map prefabs.
    • DLC3 zombie zone_source files.
    • DLC3 Updated new scripts.
    • DLC3 xmodel, xmodelparts, and xmodelsurfs files.
    • DLC3 xanim files.
    • DLC3 materials and material_properties files.
    • DLC3 FX files.
    • DLC3 weapons, vision, ui_mp, maps, collmaps, and animtrees files.


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