i3D.net introduces its own 'Holland America Line'.

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    On October 15th, 1872, the ship the Rotterdam went on its first 15-day trip from Rotterdam to New York. A special event for that time, one that had the power to change the world. Now, almost 150 years later, the Rotterdam based company i3D.net will follow in the footsteps of this cruise company with a direct network connection to New York via fiber optic. Sail along on our own digital Holland America Line!

    i3D.net is the owner of two data centers and over 10,500 servers worldwide. In 2009, i3D.net opened its flagship data center in Rotterdam, which has become the largest Internet hub of the region. The organization employs over 31,000 customers in 22 data center locations worldwide and will have a direct connection to New York per July 1st. The major Internet backbone that i3D.net manages in Europe and the United States is connected to more than 1,600 colleagues at the world\'s largest internet exchanges: AMS-IX Amsterdam, DE-CIX Frankfurt, LINX, NL-ix, PLIX, LINX NoVA and multiple Tier1 providers like Level3, NTT and TATA. The i3D.net / AS49544 network offers a capacity of 700+ Gbps for external connections. The core network architecture is MPLS-based and runs on Brocade MLXe core routers.

    Are you looking for a direct connection to New York? Then i3D.net offers you a very reliable and secure connection, including the rest of the world, which increases your efficiency and further professionalizes your services.

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