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    Hello. I do not know much English. Therefore, to translate through Google translator.
    The fact that I played the Japanese server i3d.Net me kick administrator with the reason "Violated limit". The next day I was able to go to the server. But kicked from the server after a certain time. Then I was kicked from the server to all servers i3d.Net. But my friends who play on the same server is not kicked from the server. On Japanese servers have low ping me and I prefer to play them. Help me, please. I can give the link to the server, where I hit.
    Here is a screenshot of how I was kicked from the server. Here is a screenshot of how I was kicked from the server. Shows Ping 236, the evening Ping, 136 day, but my friend with the same ping-236 is not kicked from server to server.

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    Sorry but i3D can't really do anything about this matter, because the bans are handled by the clients and not by i3D itself. (Client = the server owners/buyers)
    Maybe set your server settings the right way, so that you don't get in the servers where you have a high ping.

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