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Dec 23, 2017
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UK sockets suck

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Dec 23, 2017
    1. andyness
      well, no moar shiet!
    2. andyness
      Apply! :@
    3. JohnnyB
    4. ^xl2
      poop smell
    5. FireMail
      gonna look if i have an international NDA somewhere :p
    6. FireMail
      its hard to talk about since its an active R&D project :-/
    7. FireMail
      hardware design of a usb memory including processors / definitions that i can call via an API.
      so that you have a combination of a memory stick and an intelligent device
    8. FireMail
      hardware level
    9. FireMail
      do you have experiences with the USB standard?
    10. Kaboose
      Not wondering at all... If they would ask me to be admin I would laugh and say "hell no, not with you and your attidutes" (:
    11. Phanty
      i do not intend do speak with you anymore but if you want it so bad add me in steam ---> afschin77
    12. DELTA38
    13. Mantasoul
      I don't expect you to care about the rep, but those who generalise people into groups, i.e young admins etc, is daft unless the majority in that group are actually like that. I am sick and tired of those under 16 getting all this stick, when there's only a few who are causing problems, everyone has been that age before, they just can say whatever they want because their older now. I understand completely, because there is those few who shouldn't be on the forums because of their ignorance etc, but please don't put us into all into that category. We get enough as it is. You should know.

      Thanks, Manta_
    14. DELTA38
      eh lol, fast message
    15. DELTA38
      Thanks for the -rep, you obviously can't read the Edited part.
    16. Dancing Lobster
      Dancing Lobster
      lol... nope, a warning will be enough.
    17. Dancing Lobster
      Dancing Lobster
      Ik heb je bericht verwijderd om te vermijden dat Phanty erop ingaat, want dan blijft het maar doorgaan :') ;)
    18. GoA.Winters
      Niet aan gedacht. Had niet verwacht dat er een Canadees op een duits militair kerkhof zou liggen.

      Maar dat hij er ligt bewijst ook dat de familie er vrede mee heeft. Dat is dan wel erg speciaal vind ik.
    19. Frauenarzt
      yea I am ın turkey rıght now but I am goıng back thıs nıght

      I knew some1 would notıce the 'i' wıthout the dot :P
    20. 5unz
      Just so you know there is around 60-70 admins at i3d.
      Only a few doing the work in my view, remove the inactive admins and replace with people who want to play on the servers and don't need to be asked.
      I don't think getting more admins on top of the bunch of inactive admins will help but removing the ones who don't do anything on the servers is a start.

      And if you think "sucker" is an insult then maybe you live in a bubble !
      But its very typical on this forum that if you don't praise i3d, their servers or say anything that someone doesn't agree on you get attacked and flamed.

      The servers got worse and worse and an event on 1 server every 1 - 2 weeks I don't think will help.
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