34th Infantry Division

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    34th Infantry Division [34ID] is recuiting!

    General Information:

    Website: http://www.34id.us
    AA Servers: 1 Public Europe, 1 Public American, 1 Private
    Total AA Servers: 3
    TS Servers: 1 Public, 1 Private, 2 Backup
    Total TS Servers: 4

    Contact Information:

    Job: RNK Lastname - Xfire

    OIC: 2LT Ogrisseg - heidiogrisseg

    NCOIC: SFC Gentry - gentry34id
    NCOIC: SGT Mecrutio - merc34id

    Head Processor: PFC M.Jones - matdup123

    Processor: PFC Brown - djbrown84
    Processor: SPC Chen - mdvsparta
    Processor: SPC Ceh - ingemar
    Processor: PV2 Calhoun - reavean
    Processor: PFC Catchlove - evilaussies

    Head Recuiter: PFC Catchlove - evilaussies
    Recuiter: PFC Calhoun - reavean
    Recuiter: PV2 Karpel - karpel
    Recuiter: PFC Brekelmans - yrizh

    Enlistment Requirements:

    -Must be at least 16 years of age.
    -Have a working copy of X-Fire.
    -Have a working copy of TeamSpeak.
    -Have a working copy of AA.
    -Have an AAO Tracker profile with tracker initialized.
    -Fill out the application completely.

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