34th Infantry Division

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    We are recuiting!
    The 34th Infantry Division is always looking for new members. We have a military rank structure and chain of command which you would probably enjoy.

    There are afew minimum requirements which are as follows:

    Must be at least 16 years of age.
    Have a working copy of X-Fire.
    Have a working copy of TeamSpeak.
    Have a working copy of AA.
    Have an AAO Tracker profile with tracker initialized.

    What the 34th Infantry Division offers you:

    * Military Realism
    * Basic Combat Training
    * U.S. Army Ranks
    * Chain of Command
    * A full featured website
    * Teamspeak Server
    * America's Army Honor servers
    * Active TWL Competition

    If you are interested, check us out at: http://www.34id.us

    Now if you want to contact me please dont hesitate and you can contact me via these ways:

    Email: yrizh@hotmail.com
    Xfire: yrizh

    Hope to see you on the battlefield

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