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    A brief description of an ‘Honor Platoon’: During boot camp the platoons perform requirements which need to be passed before they can graduate and become Marines. Each Drill Competition, Practical Exam, Rifle Range, and PFT (Physical Fitness Test) is not only a way to test a recruit’s progress. It is also a competition among all the platoons of the entire company which can be from 4 to 8 platoons. The platoon who has the highest scores in the majority of the competitions wins the Honor Platoon competition.


    This means that our clan shows a decent amount of eagerness to complete our missions, but with a sound feeling for teamwork and playfulness. Honor Platoon is an European clan that assembles players of America’s Army 2.8.5. version. At the moment we only have Dutch and Belgian players but eventually other nationalities will hopefully join us. Why only European? Well one of the reasons is that we have our own AA Honor gameserver (26 slots), located in Germany. Players will benefit the most of the server if they are from the same region.

    You can find us ingame at: (public server IP), make it your favourite. Because a great deal of our playtime is on Pipeline, our gameserver will be mainly located on that map. We also offer our players a Teamspeak 3-server. You can request our ip and password by asking our members.
    As proof of our existence, you can find us at Battletracker

    Are you looking for other fellow players on the old version of AA? Are you European? Are you fond of teamwork and fun? Join us.

    Send in an application on our forum
    or just play with us.
    What we do not want are cheaters, our clanleader is a fierce member of AON. So we do execute background checks. Another requirement is a logical one, you need to be an active player of AA (2.8.5.).

    Kind regards,
    Public Relations Officer - Honor Platoon

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    Te grote servers imo, AA is het best voor 16 spelers.
    Runnen jullie die servers ook ?

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