AA3 Maintenance Period

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    AA3 Maintenance Period - Standby Mode Enabled

    We are in the middle of a maintenance period for AA3, while we update and expand the Database environment. We have enabled Standby mode which allows you to play while we finish up the maintenance.
    Some Notes:
    • All servers will run in "authorized" mode (i.e. they don't accrue honor)
    • There is no password validation
    • You will not be able to create new soldiers
    • If you created a soldier very recently (within the last week or so) you will not be able to play with that soldier
    • No statistics will be kept regarding game play
    • Every soldier is marked as having completed basic training
    We do not currently have a timeframe for when the update will be completed, but are working to complete the work as quickly as we can.
    Please note, this information applies to AA3 only, AA2 remains fully operational.
    Thank you for your patience.

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