America’s Army 3 Version 3.0.7 Out now

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    We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of America's Army 3. In version 3.0.7 we’re taking you back to basics - Basic Combat Training. By the time you read this announcement, we'll have reset the training portion for the personnel jackets of all America's Army 3 players. We’ve done this to allow everyone to achieve the benefits of BCT.

    To challenge you and make Basic Training even more interesting, we're launching our most extensive video Mission Challenge to date. You'll be able to win cool America's Army prizes by submitting videos of your best scores in the Fit To Win obstacle course, Basic Rifle Marksmanship and MOUT training. Please visit the America's Army YouTube channel to view new challenges issued by America's Army's Chief Engineer, AKA LawGiver.

    View the complete release notes for AA3 version 3.0.7 here.

    We know you'll enjoy the updates we've made to America's Army 3, and look forward to seeing you on the virtual battlefield soon! Engage!

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