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Discussion in 'Tech Support - Serverside only' started by javier mancinelli, Oct 23, 2016.

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    Oct 23, 2016
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    Hello, I have rented an ARK server. I want it to be a Scorched Earth server, but the server files in the rented server doesnt have it. So, I have already wasted 1 and a half day so far, uploading files so I could try to make it work. If it doesn't work, I will have to upload all the files, 20 GB more. And even with that, I am unsure if it will work.

    Scorched Earth is an official expansion, all of the other server providers have it. And is the reason why I have rented an ARK server, there are no good SE servers in Latin America. So if I can't use it, I would like a refund.


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