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    Hey everyone,

    I’m posting on behalf of the ATRS clan for PC. We’re currently looking for members for our COD4 1.0 and Bad Company 2 servers.

    So what makes us different?
    - A active roster of 55 members
    - A dedicated website with forum
    - 1 BC2 32-player Rush server & 1 16-player SDM server (both hardcore)
    - 3 COD4 1.0 servers – S&D, TDM, and No Gravity Sabotage (all hardcore)
    - A ventrillo server
    - Set member expectations
    - A wide age range for members – from teenagers to several 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 year olds
    - A clear and concise ranking system
    - Opportunities for promotion – from scrim teams, to admins, to leadership
    - Accessible leadership – the entire clan uses x-fire so help is only a click away, also leadership can be contacted via e-mail addresses
    - A friendly environment, from x-fire, to in-game, to voice chat
    - Servers which not only run the latest version of Punkbuster, but also stream to Punksbusted and PBBans
    - Zero-tolerance for hacking or unfair gameplay
    - Clan activities such as clanfests, where we lock down the servers and ATRS members get together for a few hours of stress-free fragging
    While our clan is established in COD4, we are looking towards our BC2 efforts. We’re interested in recruits from both titles, but this is especially a great opportunity for aiming to be part of something big for Bad Company 2. Our plans include expanding our member base, servers, and joining tournaments.

    If you’re interested or know someone who might, feel free to contact our clan leader or check out our forums and website.

    Thank you for your time and interest!


    ATRS contact info:
    Vent: port: 4422

    Leader contact info:

    X-fire: vilgent


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