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    Hi !
    Welcome to the topic about my YouTube Channel !

    Im Patrick, and Dutch guy that has an channel with 30 subs, 46 videos and 2800+ views ! ( i make English videos ! )
    I regulary post game commentaries ( Medal of Honor, FPS, Sanbox, Indie Games, Zombie Games and more !

    I have posted an Medal of Honor video yesterday:
    I hope you will like it !

    More :
    # The Walking Dead
    # Faster Than Light
    # Medal Of Honor
    # More !

    Planning to do :
    # Chivalry: Medieval Warfare ( TODAY )
    # Xcom
    # Call Of Duty
    ( maybe )

    The reson that i dont only make First person shooter videos is, because i don't want to be an regular FPS channel.
    No, i want to be an good, quality game channel, with a lot of various games !
    ( The channel is about quality, Full HD gaming, good quality mic. )

    I hope you will like the content here is an example of one of the videos.
    And if you watch my videos, you will get '' The Ultimate Bronze Gaming Experience ''

    See you soon :) !
    ~ Patrick


    Please comment here so i can see that people like it or not !
    Complaints, Compliments and suggestions are very apreciated !! :pompom:

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