CheatBusted, an Americas Army anti-cheat community, reopening for business

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    Jun 21, 2009
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    Greetings dear Americas Army server admins

    My name is Avguste and I am one of the administrators for CheatBusted, an Americas Army anti-cheat community.
    Following 2 years of downtime due to personal reasons,we are happy to announce the reopening of CheatBusted.

    With the relaunch,CheatBusted is bringing a new attitude,a better organization and many tools for the community and for the CheatBusted
    Private Server Admins(CB-PSA), including server checks(Cvars/MD5) and Background check.

    The CheatBusted repositories for Americas Army 2 and Americas Army 3 are open for business and more info on streaming can be found here

    I would like to invite all Americas Army(2+3) server admins to join CheatBusted and make CheatBusted one of your reliable stops for server checks,ban lists and admin tools.

    We are looking forward to serving the Americas Army community

    Thank you

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