Crate Epidemic

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    Here are some comments on the state of this new wave of influenza..

    "Go back to Minecraft!"
    by Anti-crate committee member

    "ah yes the biggest offender of squares.. alot of people don't realize the squarishness of a cube, it is a 3 dimension square!"
    by Anti-square committee member

    "Got no time for crates! This ain't Crate Fortress 2."
    by Bobby the antelope

    "Can't put the key in."
    by Freddy 2 fingers

    "Can't open themmmmmm!"
    by LostMahKeys

    "tf2 needs more triangles."
    by Pythagoras

    "You like crates? so we put a crate in your crate so you can unlock while you unlock."

    "Buy some keys and get a free sock puppet! Well free aslong as long as you pay for keys.. so well not exactly free... uh... look a bird!
    by Saxton Hale

    Many people are suffering due to this terrible disease, symptoms include overloading backpacks, excessive popups, overuse of the delete button, overuse of trading, losing keys, square syndrome, Something must be done!

    If you haven't already order your anti-crate mask! As you can see its circular shaped is designed to repel squares.

    If your suffering from crate addiction, please attend our Crate Simulator program.

    Do not listen to the propaganda spouted by The Crate Freedom Association.

    "Crates deserve a fate, crates deserve a purpose!"
    by SirActionPants

    Do not give in to the greedy Crate Bank! They merely are trying to confuse your mind with with the promise of weapons... but are using the disease to make profit by selling crates as well!

    Our current supporters

    Old Man Murray

    .... eh more coming soon.

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