Crysis Warhead: In-Depth Multiplayer Info

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    The budget-priced standalone Crysis expansion pack, Crysis Warhead, includes a revamped multiplayer component called Crysis Wars. To date we've known very little about the included enhancements, though no more, thanks to Crytek's fourth community update:

    Crysis Wars: In-Depth Information
    With Crysis Wars as a different game included in the Warhead box we want to establish a new franchise that is all about multiplayer. Warhead has been developed by the new team in Budapest, Hungary whereas Wars was created by a dedicated team in Frankfurt, Germany. This allowed us to have the focus geared towards both games to provide the best possible result for each. The following is a rough summary of the most important content of Wars. In the upcoming days and weeks we will feature those points with a lot more detail on our community web site - The #1 Crysis Community!.
    • 1. New Features
      • New game mode TeamInstantAction
      • Auto-downloader of maps embedded into the game
      • Auto patching system embedded in the installer which always checks for the latest game version
      • Fixed most critical bugs requested by the community

    • 2. TeamInstantAction
      • New intelligent spawn system for TeamInstantAction that spawns you the furthest away from any enemy and the closest to your team mates.
      • Implemented score system for both the teams and the individual player
      • Implemented overtime in the case both teams have the same amount of team score at the end of a round
      • Developed maps tailored for the experience with more vertical gameplay in order to feature the nanosuit abilities

    • 3. New & Improved HUD elements
      • Game status bars for each of the game modes showing all necessary information at once
      • Added kill message in the middle of the screen (also added kill count)
      • Added dynamic objectives in PowerStruggle for a better readability
      • Improved visibility of team mates
      • Improved radar readability

    • 4. Map Pool
      • Total number of 21 maps for launch (9 PowerStruggle maps and 12 IA/TIA maps)
      • Includes 7 all new maps
      • Includes 5 improved maps from the Crysis Christmas Map pack
      • Includes 9 re-balanced/improved maps from Crysis Multiplayer
      • All original IA maps can be played in TIA as well and vice versa

    • 5. Enhanced Server Support
      • Added multiple console variables for a more in-depth server administration
      • Improved server startup with a list of most important commands to get a server running

    • 6. Weaponry Changes
      • Re-worked complete weaponry behavior to make every weapon useful for a specific situation
      • Increased damage output to kill enemies easier which allows a more fluent gameplay
      • Added FGL-40 weapon from Warhead
      • Added dual-wielding AY-69 weapon from Warhead
      • Removed incendiary ammunition

    • 7. Vehicles Changes
      • Re-worked vehicle damage system
      • Improved vehicle control system
      • Re-balanced VTOL to match up with the strength of other vehicles
      • Added weak zones to every heavy vehicle where it can be damaged by rifle ammunition
      • Added ASV Anti-Infantry & Anti-Vehicle versions from Warhead

    • 8. PowerStruggle Improvements
      • Added alternative winning condition based on the highest amount of energy collected
      • Added overtime in the case no team destroyed the enemy HQ and both teams have the same amount of energy
      • Added spots to the maps from where to shoot the best in order to destroy the enemy HQ
      • Re-worked TACGun to fire directly instead of having a ballistic
      • Re-worked base turrets to act more effectively on short range against invaders
      • Simplified end-game scenario by making only one end-game weapon available to the players (TACGun or TACTank depending on the prototype factory size in the level)
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    Wow great info, I've learned things that I didnt before, has anybody played online?
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    I am playing this game now and then and its very good, does somebody else play so we can meet in game?

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