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    Ive been trying to host workshop maps and let the clients download them directly from the workshop just before connecting to my server, yet it doesnt seems to work even though server downloads all subscribed maps in the collection.

    Im currently trying to fix that, but Im slowly using all hope. As soon as I delete a map from my game files and join a server I just get message saying:

    Connected to

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    Map: workshop/675035012/surf_rookie
    Players: 2 (1 bots) / 48 humans
    Build: 6494
    Server Number: 11

    No pure server whitelist. sv_pure = 0
    Missing map maps\workshop\675035012\surf_rookie.bsp, disconnecting

    Host_Error: Disconnected

    To add to this, my server is not listed as keeping up to date with steam workshop.

    Here are my Commandline parameters:

    ./srcds_run -game csgo -usercon -strictportbind -ip -port 27015 +clientport 27005 +tv_port 27020 +sv_setsteamaccount CENSORED -tickrate 85.3 +servercfgfile csgo-server.cfg -maxplayers_override 48 +mapgroup mg_custom +game_mode 0 +game_type 0 +host_workshop_collection 706736473 -authkey CENSORED

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