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    Yes, I did read the sticky thread about bot protests, and yes I know it's actually not allowed to open a new thread due to a ban - but i feel its neccesary, because otherwise nobody will give a damn about this matter.

    Dear Admins; I'd like you to look up the ban performed on Neti a few days ago. There are demoes which "proof the player "Neti" to be an aimbotter" attached to the ban notice. Yes, I did watch the videos which suppose to reveal Neti as an aimbotter - my honest opinion? That's ridicolous. The videos actually prove that Neti is NOT an aimbotter. If you don't believe me, take a look at the video (we were playing on the scoutzknivez server of i3d).

    There are two things I gotta add, if even the videos didn't persuade you to believe that Neti is not a cheater.

    1. If you ever saw an aimbotter, then you'd know that Neti's aiming is nowhere close to the aiming of an aimbotter.

    2. The kills performed in the video are no unusual ones - especially not on scoutzknivez.

    I'm calling out to the admin who decided to ban Neti to think over his decision, and also to involve other admins to discuss the matter - thanks for the attention and taking your time.

    FM Static.

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