DEMO: Bus Simulation 2008

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    DEMO: Bus Simulation 2008

    Welcome to Megacity and welcome to your new job: bus driver!
    Get behind the steering wheel of one of the many different bus models and master one of the countless tracks in the fictional city Megacity.
    But keep and eye on the timeplan and transport as many passengers as possible. Reckless driving or unpunctuality will result in a bad reputation and penalty fees.
    Only when you keep the schedule, you can arrive at the bus stop when the most passengers are waiting. Too early or too late and you won’t be able to sell that many tickets.
    Depending on your success and reputation, the tracks get more difficult, longer and more complex.
    Choose between different bus models, 8 different bus models are already included, more can be downloaded via the internet. But remember, only paying passengers will result in enough cashflow necessary to run the bus company.
    Buy or rent larger busses, keep the service running and check up on all busses. Or invest in ad campains or special offers to attract more customers.
    Extra income can be generated by renting ad spaces on the busses.
    A total of 18 completely different tracks through different districts (suburbs, downtown, industrial, business center etc.) offer long hours of fun and challenges.
    Prepare yourself for driving in all types of weather conditions (sunshine, snow, ice, rain, fog), different daytimes and the number of passengers depending on the daytime and weather as well.
    To show what you are made of, you can try to get into the world-wide highscore list.
    No matter if you are beginner or pro, this simulation challenges everybody.
    • 18 different tracks in a huge megacity
    • 34 different missions
    • 8 different bus models in 4 classes, downloadable buses via internet
    • Tycoon elements (ad spaces, buying/renting of buses, ticket prices, promotion offers etc.)
    • huge city model with traffic, pedestrians and lots of details
    • different camera views including bus driver view (cockpit view)
    • help system for beginners
    • highscore list and online highscore system
    • different daytimes and weather conditions
    • easy to use interface

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    Support & F.A.Q.

    Common Problems

    Upfront we want to give you a few general tips and hints:
    • Rebooting your system can solve a lot of problems!
    • Microsoft releases new updates for DirectX 9 on a regular basis. These updates do not have increasing version names any more, but instead are updates for DirectX 9c carrying the Month and the Year of the release in the name, e.g.: DirectX 9c March 2008! Please make sure you run the latest version and update of DirectX 9c!
    • Windows Vista: please make sure your user profile has administrating rights set!
    • Some graphics settings need the game to be restarted!
    Performance Problems / Low Framerate

    In case of problems with low framerates and general performance troubles here are a few tipps and tricks on how to solve these problems:
    • Old graphics card drivers
    Solution: Download and install new graphics card drivers. You can find new drivers on the website of your graphics card manufacturer.
    • Configuration of graphics card drivers is wrong
    Solution: Some graphics device drivers are automatically configured for "Best Quality" which brings along pre-set Antialiasing or forced Mipmapping. Deactivated these options to reduce performance problems!
    • DirectX outdated
    Solution: Keep your DirectX up to date to benefit from the newest DirectX version. Please install the DirectX 9c March 2008 update!
    • Not enough memory (RAM or HD or swap file)
    Solution: The game needs at least 512 MB RAM, running in Highend Mode at least 1024 MB RAM are necessary. Additionally you will need around 1.5 GB of free space on your windows drive as well as the drive where the game is installed.
    • System specifications not stable
    Solution: In order to play the game with maximum settings you not only need an up-to-date CPU but it needs to be ensured that this CPU is combined with a good graphics device and fast RAM memory. Keep in mind: the speed of your computer is set by the weakest link!

    Error: "Not enough memory (50 MB required)!"

    This error error appears if the game could not reserve enough memory to run. The causes for that can be:
    • Not enough (free) RAM / Memory
      Solution: You need at least 512 MB of RAM. If you run the game in Highend Mode you will need at least 1024 MB of RAM.
    • Not enough (free) Virtual Memory / swap file too small
    Solution: The swap file of the operating system should be at least at 1.5 gigabyte. You can change this setting in the Control Panel: For Windows XP, the sequence is to right-click on My Computer, choose Properties, go to the Advanced tab button, click Performance Settings, click on Settings, click on the Advanced tab once again and in the Virtual Memory section, click Change.
    • Not enough (free) hard disk space
    Solution: It is not enough to have enough free RAM space available, you also need to have free hard disk space on the windows drive as well as the drive where the game is installed. 1.5 GB should be available at all times to ensure stability and good performance.

    Error: "Can´t open video device. Try W3D command line option"

    For some reason no 3D device window could be created, please try this to solve the problem:
    Please check the solutions for the problems above, one of those could solve your problem!
    Further reason:
    • Video mode not supported by graphics device (often the case with laptops).
    Solution: Your computer's or laptop's graphics card does not support the required screen resolution (default: 1024x768 pixel at 32bit colors). Unfortunately the game is not playable with this hardware.

    Problems with Windows Vista

    Windows Vista requires special attention to some issues! Please act according to these guidelines:
    • Error"MSVCP71.dll not found / missing" or "MSVCR71.dll not found / missing"
    Solution: Recent versions of these DLLs are installed with the latest version of DirectX - available for free download on Microsoft's Website or by searching via any search engine. Please copy the DLL files to the game director or the Windows/System32 directory!
    • Game crash, error "City-Bus.exe has stopped working"
    Solution: Due to no obvious reasons the game can not be played without administrating rights set on your Windows Vista user profile. Please make sure you have administrating rights and there should be no problems.
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