Demo: R.u.s.e.

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    Demo: R.U.S.E.

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    Stand alone demo for the real-time strategy game, RUSE. Requires connection to the Steam service to work.

    The free playable demo for R.U.S.E., the WWII themed real-time strategy with emphasis on deception, includes a full custom mission where you take command of of Allied forces in Italy aimed at cutting off a German offensive from withdrawing. However, high command suddenly realizes that the Germans, aided by the remaining loyal Italian units, are much stronger than they had previously been led to believe. You will lead the US army fighting against Germany and Italy, and must combine deceptive strategies and eventually resort to nuclear strikes to achieve victory!

    A connection to the Steam service is required to install and run the demo. Additional system requirements are shown after the jump. R.U.S.E. is scheduled to release on September 7th.


    rusenov30image00004.jpg rusenov30image00005.jpg

    rusenov30image00003.jpg rusenov30image00002.jpg

    rusenov30image00001.jpg ruse_all_screenshot_zoom_in_20-copy.jpg

    ruse_all_screenshot_strategic_landscape_32-copy.jpg ruse_all_screenshot_flame_thrower_33-copy.jpg

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