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    Are you fit for active duty?

    The Dutch Special Forces Command is recruiting new candidates for Armed Assault III

    The Dutch Special Forces Command (formerly known as Korps Commando Troepen), is a virtual Dutch Special Force's unit. That is focusing on tactical gameplay, teamplay, fun and excitement. We try to complete our goals on a realistic and mature manner, as we take our tactics from authentic field manuals and adapt them so they work in the ArmA series. The main role within the [DSFC] is to form a close group of friends that share the same goals while playing.

    We have currently still one playable group: the Korps Commando Troepen, but we will be expending to the MARSOF and Vlucht 5.

    Extra: We might simulate a Dutch unit, English speaking players may enlist too.

    What are we offering:
    - Custom build Training maps;
    - Realistic Chain of Command;
    - Teamspeak 3 server;
    - Dedicated Gaming servers will be coming soon;
    - All kind of combat roles and support duties;
    - Dutch Army ranking system; (also for English speaking members)
    - Special advanced trainings.

    What do we require:
    - Minimum age of 16 (if not reached 18 might selected to have a special interview;
    - Must have Teamspeak 3 and a working microphone;
    - Working copy of Arma III/II;
    - Must be willing to take orders;
    - Activity;
    - A good sense of Dutch/English Humor.


    Contact me on:
    DSFC Website

    Kind regards,
    Tweede Luitenant Bart Verkade
    Korps Commandotroepen
    105 Commando Company
    1st Platoon - Alpha, Leader

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