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    Have you ever played public css-soccer, and wanted to play on a team? Now you have a chance. eXtreme Soccer League is the biggest ka_soccer league in the world. The league was based in 2006. We are also the league with the best average level. Our servers are always online, so that you can play whenever you want. On our forums we can guarantee you a laugh, or two.

    Let me explain how you can sign up on our website. When you enter the website, a tab appears. In this tab its written "Login tab". Press that, and you will get two options. 1) "Forgot Login?" and 2) "Register". And of course, you press the second choise.

    What we offer? Hmm, lets start with lots of fun. And as I said in the first paragraph, you can be absolutely guaranteed that atleast one server always are online. We can also guarantee that you will get new friends, which is important. On our website there is, not just a very good forum, but also mini games. You will find all this in the "Community" section, which will only display when you are logged in. In our league, we have lots of fun-competitions, like fifa cups etc, and we also have two divisons of ka_soccer. the 2. divison, where the players without so much experience usually plays, and the 1. divison where all the great stars play. We also have a cup, where teams from both divisons can meet each other.

    Our pages:
    eXtreme Soccer League | Facebook
    Steam Community :: Group :: eXtreme Soccer League-Public
    XSLeague.com - eXtreme Soccer League

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