[FAQ] How Do I Become an i3D.net CSS Admin?

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    We are constantly bombarded with questions and requests regarding the admin team, and how exactly a player takes the step up to becoming an admin.

    So here is a few frequently asked questions that we have answered so that you will understand how to stand the best possible chance of becoming an i3D.net CSS admin.

    We will keep this thread updated if any new questions arise that we feel you should know the answer too.

    • How does i3D recruit admins? - When i3D is looking for admins, there will be a topic created in this subforum where potential applicants can post an application. We dont recruit admins without this process, so there is no point asking for admin. We also dont recruit at certain time periods (Eg - Every 2-3 months) but recruit when it is decided that the admin team needs a few more members.
    • Can I pay for admin? Do I have to pay for admin? - No. We do not accept any form of payment in regards to becoming an admin. The only way to become one is to apply through the process mentioned in the question above.
    • How do I become a good applicant? - To improve your chances of being selected as an admin, make sure you are a friendly and fun player on the server, and that you obey the rules that are set. Be active on the forums and make useful contributions in the CSS community (Note - Having lots of posts does not improve your chances. Its quality over quantity) Be active on the forums before we start recruiting, not just when we are.
    • What happens if I get rejected? - If your application to be an admin is unsuccessful, dont be too upset. We will recruit again in the future, so make sure you spend that time becoming a useful and valued member of this community. We have plenty of current or retired admins who failed their first application process.
    • If I have been banned on the servers, can I still be an admin? - Anyone who is applying to be an admin and has been banned in the past stands a reduced chance of being successful. However, if you have clearly changed your ways and learnt from your mistakes, the admin team will notice this and it wont be too much of a negative.
    • Do I need admin experience? - No. When needed you can ask other admins to help you, should you be accepted into the admin team, and they will guide you to becoming a good admin and show you the ropes. Having experience is helpful, but not necessary.
    • My English is bad. Can I still be an admin? - Plenty of admins here at i3D do not speak English as their first language. However, as long as we can understand what you are trying to say, then this will be no problem.
    • I am a young player. Can I still be an admin? - There is a limit to how young an admin we will take on board, but as long as you are mature and responsible, and will make a valid contribution to the admin team, then age will not be an issue.

    If you have any further questions, feel free to ask any member of the i3D CSS admin team who will be happy to help. Any further enquires or issues, please contact a member of the Server Rep team.
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