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    Hello All,

    My gaming name is Joker and I'm here to introduce our clan: Fearless Assassins multigaming clan/community.

    We are running servers, and playing in many games, such as:
    1. Enemy Territory - Servers at US, Germany and France locations
    2. COD4 - Servers at US, Germany and France (1.6 and 1.7 patch) locations.
    3. Team Fortress 2 - Server at Germany location
    4. Battlefield 3 - Server at US location
    5. COD: MW3 - Server at UK location
    6. Minecraft - Server at Germany location

    Our goal is to provide the best gaming experience and a clean gaming enviroment for our visitors, thefore we are recruiting admins for the servers, and for the forums.

    We help where we can. We have section for tutorials, we have a support section where every question is answered by our experts at different subjects.

    Everyone is more then welcome to use:
    Fearless Assassins Forum
    Fearless Assassins Tutorials
    Fearless Assassins Gallery
    Fearless Assassins Blogs
    Fearless Assassins Downloads

    Apply today!

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