[English] [FF] Formidable Few recruitment is now open. Multi Game FPS clan for PC!

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    To become a member, the following are required.

    Team Speak 3 (you can get yours in our Downloads section)
    XFire account
    Own a legal copy of the game you are playing.
    Not be on an active ban list for cheating. Cheaters are not allowed, we have no tolerance for cheating.
    18+ years old and mature

    Member perks.

    Admin abilities on the servers you like to play on.
    Clan tags to identify you as a member.
    Private member forums.
    Representing our clan in competitions.
    Your own clan email address, if you like to have one. ie: feelgood@formidablefew.com

    The clan will be made up of both laid back casual gamers, as well as the more hardcore. We will be competing in the future, but you are not required to compete. Clan scrimages will probably be a pretty common thing. As such you will need to have TS3 installed, as it is the clans main form of voip communications.

    The XFire account is required, in case you are needed. Once you are a known clan member, you will find that non-members will probably want to add you, in case they need an admin on the server. Being a member of this clan is a responsibility, as much as it is for just having fun. XFire is also a quick easy way to get in touch with members, if say we get a scrim challenge on the fly.

    If this sounds good to you, and you wish to apply for membership, please be sure to create an account on our forums, and the click the 'Join Us' link at the top of the page. Fill out the application as fully as possible, and hit the submit button. I will get back to you as soon as I can with a response.

    Thank you for considering our clan for your new home.

    [FF] Feelgood


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