Fingerprints please – four questions about the new biometric system

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    SmartDC continuously works on improving the quality of the datacenters. Currently SmartDC is working on building a second powerhouse at the Rotterdam DC and we’re renovating our entrance to offer a better experience for the engineers working at the datacenter. To improve the physical data security at the Rotterdam facility they have developed an information security management system through to tightening the grip on security processes. In this article we\'ll answer four important questions about the new biometric system in SmartDC Rotterdam.

    Which security measures have been taken at the Rotterdam datacenter?

    One of our most important assets of our data centers is the physical security we offer. The Rotterdam datacenter has both a canal around the area and 24/7 on site security. The closer you get to the racks at the datacenter, the more sophisticated the security measures get. At the moment, some suites are already equipped with biometric readers, which use fingerprints to identify who’s allowed to enter the suites. In the next few months, we’ll be installing fingerprint readers for all suites, and for the main entrance.

    Why do we need fingerprint scanners?
    In the last few years, the Rotterdam facility has grown substantially, which inevitably means there are more visitors to the datacenter. Up until now we’ve utilized an access system with cards, but we have concluded that this system is not future proof. The new access system works with fingerprints, which makes it less prone to abuse and easier to use for our clients. With the biometric readers, our tenants will have 24/7 access to their servers, all they need to bring is their fingers.

    What happens to my fingerprint after I give it to SmartDC?
    In order to use our new biometric access system, the fingerprints of all employees who have access to the suites are being collected in the new couple of months. You will receive an email to make an appointment. SmartDC is very serious about privacy and information security, which is affirmed by the recent ISO 27001:2013 certification we achieved. Your fingerprints will be encrypted and only be used for the access system. Needless to say we don’t share any of your personal information with third parties, and your fingerprints will be saved no longer than necessary.

    Which system is used for the suite entrances?
    The fingerprint access system SmartDC is using is built by Suprema and we’ve been using these scanners successfully for multiple months now in the Heerlen facility and several suites in Rotterdam. 1, 2, 3, 37, 38 and 39. The card system we’re currently using will be removed once all fingerprint scanners have been installed.

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