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Discussion in 'Algemeen (MoH)' started by JW., Oct 15, 2010.

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    Well, I wasn't going to buy the new Medal of Honor.
    And after playing it for several hours, I wish I didn't.

    Game play:
    The SP was made directly for PC, you can tell by the different types of movement. But when entering the MP, you suddenly cant lean and do other stuff (slide).
    And what ever happened to prone (in general)?
    There is a Kill Streak award system in the MP, but this only makes players camp even more!

    Uh... it SUCKS!Weapons sound pretty standard, but when entering a building they sound really dull.

    Settings are clean and simple, no need for a new high-end PC! My 3 year old PC runs this game on high settings.

    About 10 weapons or weapon updates are unlockable per class. No really new or cool weapons are available at this time. But pretty much all weapons feel the same!
    And no options for customizing your weapon with things like camo.

    Only 3 classes available:
    - Rifleman (standard infantry)
    - Special Ops (uh... another standard infantry)
    - Sniper (does use sniper weapons)

    Small and chaotic maps with many glitches.
    Clearly console base mapping, because there are many rough edges round rocks and buildings.

    Game types:
    Only 4 game types available:
    - Team Assault (Kill enemy forces)
    - Sector Control (Control strong points)
    - Objective Raid (Attack or defend targets)
    - Combat Mission (Take control over whole map)
    And whatever happened to Death Match and Capture the Flag?

    Single player (SP):
    SP is nice but short.
    This doesn't bother me because I'm an online gamer.
    No strong storyline like in COD4 MW…

    Multiplayer (MP):
    Well there are server files available… but that’s the only positive thing to mention.
    Because of the small maps, players often just spawn and camp or spawn and die.
    Running and gunning won’t get you far! I haven’t been able to play as a clan at this moment (with the use of TeamSpeak), because that could be a huge advantage.

    My Verdict:
    Take the Ghost Recon Advanced War Fighter, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising and some of the bad features from Cal of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and you´ll get the look-a-like game this new Medal of Honor is.
    PC gamers will be stuck yet again with a cheap console port game, that doesn’t bring justice to the PC platform. No really new or cool features, therefore 5/10.
    It’s NOT worth your well deserved money and a disgrace to any half decent online gamer!
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    I totally disagree:

    Uh... it SUCKS!Weapons sound pretty standard, but when entering a building they sound really dull. my opinion that its more realistic and sounds great with 5.1 sounds!

    Game play:
    I really needed to get the feeling of playing smoothly.. it costs me 2 hours.. now it feels like im playing as smooth as in call of duty, love it!

    Prone cant be done, but that doenst matter really, most maps are fun to run around in it!!

    Great!! it was getting used to see the enemy in the maps, but also after some time, you can recognize them faster...

    Positive: More realistic, less BOOM BOOM -> 25-0 kills game like MW2.. its quite hard sometimes what makes it fun.. Maps are great.. good intens fighting and nothing is really overpowered.. You hear that people say its a real sniper game.. but its not.. i started sniper because i sucked at the assault weapons at start.. now that i can handle them, im as deadly as a sniper!

    negative: You cant really chat in game for making easier contact.. your message is leaving the screen so fast..

    I dunno where to look for matches, i wanna mix up and play some matches.. Hope that Mirc is gonna be a part of it..

    I saw there was a channel up called: #moh.wars, some people were on it..

    If anyone wanna play with me, add me on medal of honor: Kakashiii or Xfire: ajanii


    Btw i give it: 8/10.
  3. JW.

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    1) Did you ever fire any real weapons?
    I have for over 14 years in the army and none of the weapons sounds as dull as any of the MoH weapons.
    And YES, ive tried every sound option there is...

    2) There is more to gameplay then an smooth running game.

    3) YES, because when fired upon in real battle you will hit the deck. One way or the other...

    4) Found any new features?
    Its a simple DX game, with no real new mindblowing graphics.

    5) Call this intence fighting?
    Players spawn camping and players spawn killing?

    6) OMFG... go visit a chatroom if you wanna socialize :loser:

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