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    We expect of you, as a forum user, to respect the following:

    • Mutual respect. This means you are not allowed to start discussions in which you attack someone on his or her behaviour, skin color, gender, etc.
    • Required research. You ought to get to know the structure of this forum by researching before you post. Use the search function before submitting a topic, because duplication of questions or ideas often occurs. Several game forums contain topics with frequently asked questions and tutorials. Take advantage of these factors.
    • Relevant posts. What this means:
      • Posts which add something to the specific subforum in which they are submitted.
      • Posts which are relevant towards the opening post of the specific topic.

    • Correct use of language. This is the use of language that complies with the acceptable standards of English. This does not mean that we expect fully correct sentences (e.g. spelling mistakes). Examples of use of English not respecting the rules:
      • tHIs kInD oF l4ngu4g3 iS noT AlloWED
      • Th1s k1nd 0f l4ngu4g3 1s n0t 4ll0w3D
    • Correct positioning of topics. Submit your topic in the right subboard.
    • Patience. Do not expect to be helped after just one minute. A situation which is often caused by this impatient behaviour, is a ‘bump’ (bringing up old topics without any use).

    In case you want to post images on the forum, you will have to upload them through our system. External upload sites like TinyPic or ImageShack are not allowed on his forum. Precise instructions on how to upload images through the forum can be found here: http://forum.i3d.net/offtopic-english/49997-reminder-how-upload-files-images-forum.html#post563541

    Unban request threads
    Respect the rules which are in effect in the unban request threads. These rules can be found here: ►►► Read the RULES here first.

    Other rules
    Beside the rules discussed above, there are also the following regulations.

    You are, at any time, NOT allowed to:

    • Spam with topics about advertisements, sites, games or other (commercial) things which are used for your sole benefit. For example: Lockerz.
    • Place so called 'hiddenlinks' like rickrolles and smouchlinks.
    • Offering illegal software.
    • Ask questions with the purpose of avoiding legal systems of commerce. This means ALL subjects about so-called ‘warez’ are not allowed. With ‘warez’ we mean all illegally offered, commercial software.
    • Post: inb4lock messages.
    • Insult other members.
    • Use special tags/codes which disrupt the forum lay-out. For example: zygo.
    • Posting messages in which undesired manners are expressed. Neither in text or image. This can be defined as discrimination, racism, threats, swearing etc.
    • It is not allowed to use these undesired manners in your signature either. Neither in text or image.
    • Also sexual intimidating images like the 'pedobear' pictures are not allowed to be posted.
    • Posting private information of other members – without foregoing permission of him or her – publicly on the forum.
    • Using more than one account on the forum. Caution: this rule is not applicable if the second account is being used by a member of the family. We have excellent tools to trace duplicate accounts: if we catch someone breaking this rule, at least one of the accounts will be blocked.
    • Using unclear topic titles. By this, it indicates topics whose titles are evasive or do not capture the point the post is intended to make. Examples:
      • help cod doesn’t start
      • crappy Windows!!
      • Punkbuster problem

    • Doubleposting: submitting several posts before somebody else has replied. Use the [EDIT] button if you would like to add something to an existing post (Rule can vary per topic, doubleposting is allowed in the Spam-thread in the off-topic part).
    • Sharing cheats online, this is regarded as illegal practice.

    For clans, beside the above, a number of specific rules.

    • Do not ‘bump’ your topic without any use, this also counts for members of your clan.
    • Do not post messages in you wish ‘success’ to someone, this is annoying.
    • Do not advertise your clan again within a short time.
    • Do not promote your own clan in a topic of another clan.


    • The forum is not an official way of giving or receiving support between Interactive 3D and her customers. Before posting here with a question about i3D game servers, please contact the official helpdesk of the enterprise.
    • If you are not getting an answer in your topic, the moderators and i3D-admins preserve the right of deleting your unanswered topic after a while, without informing the topic starter.

    Declaration of privacy

    • Using forum software, a a number of data about you will be gathered. These data are property of i3D, but they will never be sold or spread to different parties without your written permission. Whenever possible, we use these data to adjust the forum and to tune it to the forum users. When necessary, we could use these data to restrict your forum access (and in the worst case of all servers and sites managed by i3D).

    In case you are reluctant to agree with the information above, you can send an email to info@i3d.net in which you declare not to be willing to use your forum account anymore. Then, your account will be blocked.

    By way of conclusion

    • Quality, not quantity. We prefer to see ten valuable posts instead of hundred or thousand posts consisting of two or three words.
    • In case you violate the rules above, you can expect an infraction (warning) of a super moderator, moderator or i3D-staff member (not game admins). If violations are repeated, several infractions will follow and a logical result is a temporary or permanent ban from this forum.
    • PAY ATTENTION: the rules above can be changed at all times by super moderators, or i3D-staff. In case something will be changed, an announcement in this topic will follow.
    • For questions and remarks about this forum or these rules, you can contact one of our super moderators, moderators or i3D-admins. Click here for an overview.
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