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Discussion in 'Counter Strike: Global Offensive' started by Bangbad, Mar 10, 2013.

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    I have been looking for a while after zombie riot servers for CS:GO. The only one I found was a a chinese server with over 500 ping. Could you guys at i3D.net make a zriot server for CS:GO? You already have one for CS:S.

    What is zriot?

    Zombie riot is a gamemode where there are waves of bot zombies that is trying to kill you. To win you and your team has to kill a large number of zombies. There is also usually a boss at the final stage which has a lot of HP.
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    The problem is with every update of CS:GO, it seems to ruin our servers. I don't really know if that is still the case, maybe one of the tech admins can give a better answer.

    I do agree though, that a Zombie Riot server would be a fantastic mod to have.

    And Welcome to the forums!
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    Possible, running it since 2012 without issues.
    The update of CS:GO is not the problem, it was just the protobuf change.

    We just finished this and release it soon. Not the source, but i can share the smx maybe. (need permission of teamleader)
    It is default just boring and there are 0 maps. So i ported cs_hotel to cs:go and i created/ported some bosseffects.

    Here some videos:

    The problem at the moment is the CPU.
    A strong cpu is required, steamcmd is still singlecore based. (3.8ghz Xeon)
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