How to create a CS:S Spray (works)

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    Hey guys,

    I'll show you how you can create a CS:S spray.

    What you need:

    An image-editing programm

    Step 1

    Create a picture you want.
    But you have to remember, that your size is limited.
    Possible sizes are
    64 x 128, 128 x 64, 64 x 64, 256 x 32, and 32 x 32 pixels.
    But if you use VTFedit for your sprays, you can also create bigger ones (E.g. I have a spray which is 512x512 and I wouldnt make it larger). It only should be a "power of 2"

    So create your picture and save it as a .png or .jpg file. If you have a transparent background, you HAVE to choose -png because in .jpg there are no transparent funtions (called Alpha Channel).

    Step 2

    Open VTFedit. Than click in the left top corner on "File" and in the dropdown menu "Import" and choose your picture.

    Step 3

    Now you see a windows which is appeared (see attached picture).
    Put everything as shown in the picture.
    Than click "Ok".
    Now you should see your picture.
    Save it: Click "File" and "Save as" and name it. Normally VTFedit automatically saves it as an .vtf, but you can also choose it in the dropdown menu.

    Step 4

    Copy this .vtf file into your logos folder, the path should be something like this:

    "Where its installed"\steam\steamapps\"your accoount name"\counter-strike source\cstrike\materials\VGUI\logos
    There you drop it and double click it.

    Step 5

    A new windows appears. The name of this windows is "Create VMT file". And we want that, because we only created a Texture File before but we need something which tells CS:S what this texture is and how it should use it.
    In the windows there are 2 categorys:

    Textures and Options

    Click Textures if its not selected and in the text field of "Base Texture 1" there should be:

    VGUI/logos/"your picture name"

    Thats good. The first thing is the path where it is. You can also change the path if you want, e.g. if you create a folder in the logos folder. So you have to add VGUI/logos/"folder name"/"pic name".

    Now click the category Options.
    In the text field of "Shader" should be LightmappedGeneric.
    If not, add it.
    Click "Create" in the right down corner and save it under the same path we had in Step 4 (I recommen to choose the same name as your .vtf has).
    Now you should have in your logos folder a "Valve Material File" and a "Valve Texture File".

    Step 6

    Double click (open) the "Valve Material File". Normally it opens automatically with VTFedit, if not, open it with it.
    In the right field text should appear, what, is now not necessary.
    Copy and paste this text into it:

    "$basetexture" "vgui\logos\the name of your vtf file"
    "$translucent" "1"
    "$ignorez" "1"
    "$vertexcolor" "1"
    "$vertexalpha" "1"

    and save it.

    Step 7

    Open CS:S and go into the options and choose the category Multiplayer.

    Click on "Import spray" on go into your logos folder (click cstrike, than materials, scroll down and click VGUI, than logos, (if you have a subfolder go into it) and choose your spray.

    Now join or create a server and press the spray button.
    If we did everything right, you should now see your own and personal CS:S-spray.


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