How to set up your server with Playeradmins

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    To set up your server with Playeradmins, follow the steps below:

    America's Army 2:

    -Go to your Customer Controlpanel:
    -Select "Gameservers".
    -Under "Overview active gameservers", select the "Details" for the server.
    -Under "Config & log files", select "Start the configuration editor"
    -Use Hot Key CTRL+F to open the find/search feature
    -Search for the phrase PLAYERADMIN (Please note that a semi-colon ; comments out that line so do not use the semi (;PlayerAdmin=)
    -PlayerAdmin=yourplayeradminsname,passwordhere (Note that yourplayeradminsname must be the exact ingame name,
    you can set any password you like, but it must differ from the admin password)
    -You can repeat the line PlayerAdmin=yourplayeradminsname,passwordhere as many times as you like to set several Player Admins
    -You MUST select "Restart Gameserver" and hit "Send", otherwize changes in the Server.ini will not be overwritten.

    Player Admins can only join the server as Player Admin by right clicking on the server in the AA in game list
    and selecting "join as Player Admin" and providing the password set in the server.ini

    America's Army 3:

    Comming soon
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