i3D.net appoints Emile Schouwstra as Chief commercial officer

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    i3D.net, global provider of performance hosting, appointed Emile Schouwstra as Chief commercial officer to help put i3D.net on the world map.

    As of January 1, 2017 i3D.net appointed Emile Schouwstra as Chief commercial officer. Schouwstra has over 15 years of management and sales experience in the IT sector. He previously worked at IBM, Bull, Dell, Leaseweb and Detron. Cloud hosting and data center services are a common thread through his career. Thanks to his broad background, Schouwstra was appointed to lead the sales and marketing department of i3D.net and further expand the commercial team. Schouwstra is delighted about the growth opportunities: "It\'s very neat to work for a fast growing and innovative company like i3D.net. We already have a very good reputation in the Enterprise gaming world and our whole team is proud of that. We will now continue to introduce the global platform in the corporate market." Director Stijn Koster adds: "i3D.net is growing annually by double digits. Recently we have expanded our network in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Emile is going to bring our platform into new corporate markets."

    Local versus global

    "For large (international) online stores and e-commerce platforms a very flexible infrastructure is necessary. We are familiar with that, thanks to our long history in the very demanding gaming world, " says Schouwstra. "We can also make our cloud platform available to (international) corporate clients. i3D.net has several large businesses connected to its platform already. We offer our services all over the world, we have built our network and own server clusters on every continent. But if the data absolutely has to stay in the Netherlands, we can also guarantee that. After all, we have two data centers, one in Rotterdam and one in Heerlen."


    "We strongly focus on our partner program and especially for the services we want to deliver to the corporate market. i3D.net has been investing in connectivity, quality and a very stable hosting platform worldwide for many years. In other words, we have the services available, and our partners have the contacts. Together we seize all opportunities to grow together, "says the CCO.

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