i3D.net selects Juniper Networks Software Defined Secure Networks platform

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    Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR), an industry leader in automated, scalable and secure networks, today announced that i3D.net, a Dutch managed-hosting provider with global reach, has chosen Juniper Networks’ Software-Defined Secure Networks platform to protect its network against DDoS attacks and other threats while reducing its time to deploy to new datacenters worldwide.

    i3D.net serves over 31,000 customers on 10,500 i3D.net servers in 22 data center locations worldwide. The company has a broad range of gaming publisher, game developers, system integrators, hosting providers and enterprise customers who require high-performance, secure and flexible networks rapidly increase capacity for new cloud services, dedicated servers and on-demand game hosting services. I3D.net has automated the deployment of the vSRX platform in the company’s cloud orchestration platform.

    News Highlights:

    • net deployed Juniper SkyÔ Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) and the vSRX Virtual Firewall at its global internet backbone and carrier neutral SmartDC data center. The solution provides protection from malicious and hard to detect malware across virtual and physical environments.
    • Sky ATP is designed to use machine learning to continually analyze web and email files and detect evasive malware before businesses are affected. Its identification technology uses a variety of techniques to quickly detect and prevent an impending cyber-attack. The solution is designed to provide a strong defense against advanced malware, such as the WannaCry family of ransomware.
    • net is known for rapid deployment of servers globally. With Juniper’s vSRX, i3D.net can deploy new firewalls and security policies at these locations quickly, bringing agility and consistent security to company operations.
    • SRX Series Services Gateway delivers a complete virtual firewall solution, including advanced security services, robust networking and automated virtual machine life cycle management capabilities.
    • net is an existing Juniper Networks customer and deploys Juniper’s high-performance switching solutions across its network.

    Supporting Quotes

    “The threat landscape is constantly changing and we have to adapt at the same pace because our business is online 24/7. For instance, online gaming is a big part of our business, and it’s one of the fastest growing markets and economies in the world. With the availability of different platforms that range from personal computers to smartphones and tablets, its popularity and market size makes gaming platforms and users ideal targets for hackers. We’ve selected Juniper’s SDSN platform to help us detect, identify, mitigate and prevent security issues anywhere in the network, keeping our own, and our customers’ infrastructure safe.”

    Edwin Verwoerd, networking manager at i3D.net

    “Fast-paced organizations like i3D.net require a secure and adaptable infrastructure, as its shared network infrastructure supports sensitive and critical information with combined data, voice and video services. Juniper’s custom-built secure networking solutions give i3D.net a solid foundation for fast growth and digital business transformation.”

    Mihir Maniar, vice president, security product management at Juniper Networks

    “i3D.net operates a global distributed hosting platform. Utilizing Juniper’s virtual vSRX firewalls, allows us to keep our security solutions uniform and up to date. Our network team scaled the vSRX to mitigate DDOS attacks and filter malicious traffic aimed at our customer’s services. Security and performance are our number one priorities and Juniper’s SDSN platform allows us to deliver.”

    Stijn Koster, CEO at i3D.net

    About i3D.net
    We are experts in performance hosting. i3D.net is a managed hosting provider founded in 2004 and now operates 10,500 servers in 22 ISO27001 certified datacenters worldwide. We provide global hosting solutions with a performance guarantee and 24/7 support. Our services include cloud capacity, co-location, dedicated server hosting, game servers, web hosting and specialty solutions such clean-IP and anti-DDOS, MPLS and IP Transit. i3D.net excels in the gaming niche market hosting tens of millions of players for game publishers on the Microsoft Xbox Network and Sony PlayStation network.

    The i3D.net One Platform provides one global scalable platform, with one global support team, one global network, identical hardware, one global datacenter standard and audits, one software platform to support services worldwide, to support customers in a flexible roll-out of our services, allowing our customers to rapidly increase capacity for cloud capacity, colocation racks, dedicated servers, game services and web hosting. The i3D.net One Platform is available on six continents and 16 datacenters around the world: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Frankfurt, London, Warsaw, Moscow, Washington DC, Dallas, Los Angeles, São Paulo, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, Dubai and Johannesburg. i3D.net offers SLAs on uptime, capacity and resource performance. All i3D.net services are yearly audited and certified with CDSA on Content Protection & Security.

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