Lag in my BC2 server

Discussion in 'Ranked Servers (BC2)' started by BGArmySHH70, May 31, 2010.

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    We are a large commuity of BC2 fans from Bulgaria. At the end of January this year I preordered our i3D 32 slots server, located in Frankfurt. I thought this is the best choice for players from my country. To my regret many of them have complained of a serious lag in our server. We think this is due to problem with the server's hardware or software/but I'm not absolutely sure/. Reason to think so is that the same players in other servers, incl. i3D servers, have no problems with lag. Usually lag complaints started when the server is full. I have done what is within my ability/server reinstall, set up ping filter/, but their problems continue. Have an idea for a solution to this problem?
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    It's a know issue at the moment. When servers are at 32/32 players (or 30/30 24/24 etc.) they start to experience lag. Dice is looking for a solution and hopes to implement this in the next patch.

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