Lowlifes is searching for Warteams!

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    Lowlifes is searching for Warteams!

    Lowlifes is an new multi-gaming community.

    We started off well, we got a good 1.6 team thats playing ESL on the amateur serieus league from the benelux.
    Also we are busy with our website : Www.lowlifes.eu we got a new design we are bussy with it.
    We've got our own Hostingcompany so we can get server online for almost every game.
    Unfortunally we only got 3 teams but we're looking for so much more teams for every thinkable game.
    Also Playstation nintendo or xbox teams can apply.
    Were looking for teams who want to play serious and professional

    What were looking for is:

    Good line-up
    18+ but exceptions are possible.
    having ventrillo
    want to play on ladders
    be mature
    and active on the website.

    What can we offer?

    An steady community
    ventrillo 3.0
    Website > www.lowlifes.eu
    Servers ( when things go nice on your game than publics are possible
    And we offer you active and mature people on the ventrillo

    Do you think you got it?
    Mail to us or contact us on irc @ Quaknet #lowlifes

    You can email to Robert@smashin-servers.nl

    PS sorry of my bad english [​IMG]


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