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    Shadow Company (SC), a well established organized clan that is proud to serve the PS3 online gaming community is now recruiting. With over 400+ members worldwide our popularity and recognition continues to grow with every new member enlisted. SC has a strong focus on tactics and strategy while keeping the game fun. We are very active on Gamebattles, R3match, and other ladders. We also host in house tournaments, matching squad against squad for bragging rights.

    Shadow Company structure: SC is divided into Divisions for the different game franchises that we support (MW2, MAG, BFBC2, KZ2, AVP). Then each Division is split into 2 Battalions- Battalion 1 is the Western hemisphere,(North America), and Battalion 2 is Eastern hemisphere,(Europe). Battalions are then split into Platoons, and then small squads. You will start as a recruit and work your way through the ranks; Private, Lance Corporal, Corporal etc. etc. We also present medals, awards, and badges as members acquire certain achievements.

    Within our clan we have three different levels of squads to meet everyone’s needs:
    1) Introductory, for those that are new to SC to learn our rules, regulations, and tactics.
    2) Structured, for those that want to bring their gaming to the next level but can only play a few times a week.
    3) Competitive, for those that want the ultimate challenge and compete against the best clans out there.

    You will need to be 16 or over and have a mic, but there is no KDR requirement. We are first and foremost a well structured group of friends that respect each other girls and guys alike.

    Want more information? Check out our website and forum at – Please read through our rules and regulations and if you like what you see you can register and then head to the forums to submit your boot camp request after your application has been accepted.

    Make sure you tell them you heard about SC from MadMcardle.

    PS. When you've registered, PM me here with your PSN so I can keep track of your progress.

    If you have any questions feel free to PM me anytime.

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