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Discussion in 'Unreal Tournament 3 newsletter' started by Alex Elagin, Nov 25, 2009.

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    *The message below has been written by WGH, but he was unable to deliver it
    for unknown reason. So I forward it instead.**

    UT3 is insufficiently verbose, so I used external utility.
    First of all, I tried to fetch list of servers from GameSpy using GSList
    (you can easily find it in google)

    gslist.exe -n ut3pc -X "\hostport\OwningPlayerId\hostname\p1073741825"

    2>&1 | findstr ""

    (reformatted for readability)

    hostport: 7777
    OwningPlayerId: 235477959
    hostname: Russian Funwars
    p1073741825: WAR-Downtown
    hostport: 7778
    OwningPlayerId: 171107815
    hostname: E.P.R. clan server
    p1073741825: VCTF-FeelGoodInc

    So there are (at least) two UT3 servers on our host. 6500 is ours, I
    don't know much about the other one though. It's shared server hosting.
    So, *they are in the list*!

    OK, let's check the Query Protocol too, maybe there's something wrong
    with it. This utility can do that too.

    gslist -d 11
    > gslist -d 11

    I won't copy-paste output this time, enough to say that they are
    responding. So it cannot be a (trivial) firewall issue.

    I've launched a game and checked a list. Our server is still kind of
    offline in favorites, and both servers are invisible in the list.

    One more thing. I've asked people on the server, and asked whether they
    see it or not (we have an announcement about issue with "open blabla"
    instructions). Some people see it, with ping and player count, some don't.

    Now I don't think it's a Gamespy issue. It seems it's a UT3's one.
    Servers are in the list, query ports are open and responding. What else
    is needed to make it appear in the game list?

    Noel Houck wrote:

    > You won't see any warnings in the log.
    > This isn't just UT3 either, other games are having the same issue.

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