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    A new steam client has been released and is being automatically downloaded.

    • Updated embedded Chromium version in Steam to Chromium 68
    • Added Vietnamese and Latin American Spanish as Steam client UI languages
    • Allow language selection before game install if current Steam UI language isn’t supported

    • New Steam Chat
      • Added ability to test your microphone in Friends Voice settings dialog
      • Added support for mute on/off toggle hot-key setting when using Open Mic voice transmission mode
      • Don’t try to start chat or open the friends list if Steam is started in offline mode
      • Chat tabs are now scrollable using the mouse wheel
      • Fixed a bug where if you are offline for Friends & Chat clicking Friends & Chat in the overlay would activate the desktop friends window
      • Fixed a bug causing duplicate sounds for friends coming online or going in-game

    • Steam Link
      • You can play local co-op by streaming to multiple devices simultaneously (high quality 5 GHz WiFi network required)
      • You can use your Android phone as a touch controller for games by tapping to disable audio and video in the Steam Link app
      • Fixed stopping streaming from the in-game Big Picture overlay
      • The streaming protocol now uses UDP ports 27031-27036

    • Big Picture
      • Fixed loading custom controller layouts from the Big Picture Mode “Define Layout” screen
      • Fixed displaying numbers in the Family View PIN entry screen
      • Fixed using controllers and keyboards on the Manage DLC screen
      • Prevent exit of Big Picture Mode while games using its overlay for controller support, friends list integration, or other Steamworks API features are running

    • Steam Input
      • Added the ability to switch controller order for XInput controllers in the in-game Big Picture overlay
      • Fixed intermittent crash occurring when controllers are rapidly connected and disconnected
      • Fix an issue with Generic Gamepads that have digital triggers where the trigger could get stuck on
      • Fix an issue with Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers that could cause loss of input while rumbling
      • Fix an issue where applying a configuration in the in-game overlay would open in the main Big Picture window instead of the overlay
      • Fix an issue on Linux that could cause gamepad emulation to break when using Steam Input for generic gamepads
      • Fix previewing configurations for non-Steam Games. Note - you will still not be able to apply the configuration unless you have a matching shortcut in your library.
      • Fix some cases where inputs would be misaligned when previewing configurations
      • Fix some 3rd party PS4 controllers showing up as having low batteries when connected over USB
      • Fix an initialization issue with the Nintendo Switch Pro controller over USB

    • Linux
      • Fixed a Steam Cloud save issue with DOOM (2016) preventing specific files from getting properly saved
      • Fixed install scripts for Steam Play games sometimes not properly running after using Big Picture mode
      • Fixed missing DLC for some Steam Play games
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