Sven Co-op Version 4.07 Released

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    Speaking of Half-Life, a new version of Sven Co-op has been unleashed for your co-operative enjoyment.
    - Numerous improvements to Half-Life SP storyline support
    - Added a work-around for a trigger_teleport crash bug
    - Reduced default model precache usage
    - Revived allies retain the correct head and skin colour
    - Fixed a rare Gargbite issue where player could become stuck
    - Dropammo support added/fixed for some weapons
    - Melee weapons make correct sounds when hitting metal allies
    - Fixed a skill.cfg issue
    - Skill.cfg settings added for: Stukabat, Osprey, Black Ops Osprey, Tentacle
    - Updated the Sven Co-op FGD file (for mappers)
    - Player model options added to the Commandmenu
    - Updates to manual and *server_example.cfg files
    - Minor fix to server options
    - Minor model fixes for Uzis and sc_royals
    - Fixed an issue on escape_series.bsp (portal map)
    - Solved Ripent missing dll errors on some systems(?)
    - Included latest donation bonus Steam ID list ​
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    nice ;D

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