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    Hello i3D members and fellow Zombie escape players,

    Just wanted to formally introduce myself since I recently joined the forums. As you can see most people know me as Backstab, but at the moment I go by Tene (in-game). You can call me whatever you want. Real name is David and I'm from the state of Texas in the US. I am a university student at the moment, but I play as much as I can ;)
    I have been around CS:S for a while on and off and the same goes for the ZM/ZE scene. Although I have been constantly playing now without long-term breaks since the start of 2012.
    First community I really stuck to is GFL with ZE so that has been my primary community for a while since I am an admin there. I also play globally on all ZE servers if friends invite me or a good map is on. I have been working on advancement movement for a while and it is my favorite thing to do and I try to improve every single day.

    Anyways, just wanted to say that I am planning on sticking around here for a while as a regular and not only hopping on here occasionally. I like the raw/vanilla feel to the server and the competitiveness with racing and advanced movement feels nice yet relaxed. Other servers are either too high ping or the settings are not suitable for actually improving your speed. I enjoy all servers though, so please no criticizing other settings!

    That's all I will say here. And if you want to learn more just add me!
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    Welcome, TehBackstab.

    I hope you've had a amazing time while being here and I wish you goodluck on 'improving your speed' :p.

    See ya in-game!
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    Welcome to our forum TehBackstab!
    Enjoy your stay :)
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