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    Hello gamers and AA enthusiasts,

    We are currently performing a study on different aspects of America's Army (2.8.5 and 3.0), and this study requires your participation. The study is a cooperation between two universities in Belgium: the University of Antwerp and the University of Leuven.

    A lot of researchers have investigated America's Army, but none have taken into account the opinions and attitudes of actual players. We believe that this is absolutely necessary if we want to get a good idea of the impact of America's Army. It would be very important for us, and for the gaming community, if you could complete the online survey we have made (see link below). Your goodwill and cooperation are highly appreciated already!

    link ->http://soc.kuleuven.be/limesurveytest/index.php?sid=73729&lang=en

    If you have any further questions regarding our international study, you can always reply in this thread.

    The survey is 100% anonymous. The answers you provide will not be used beyond this study.

    Thank you very much in advance.

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