Updates to America's Army 3 have been released.

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    Updates to America's Army 3 have been released.

    The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted or use the America's Army 3 Deploy Client. The specific changes include:

    • Corrected error that sometimes resulted in hangs when starting training missions
    • Fixes single player sprint/dive failing to bring back weapon after grenade toss
    • Adds a "valid hit" audio prompt to AIT Advanced Rifleman to make it easier to understand when the player is doing it correctly
    • Adjusts the "valid hit" text prompt in AIT Advanced Rifleman so it disappears sooner so the reappearance of it on a second hit is more obvious
    • Addressed issue where firing rounds in AIT SDM early would prevent the player from completing AIT SDM
    • Fixes incorrect colors on correct/incorrect text on the CLS AAR
    • Fix for close menu and double menus in training levels
    • CLS AAR now shows the CLS achievement if earnedSDM AAR now correctly displays the hit location on the targets
    • TS3 voice rules now work correctly after map rotation
    • Corrected issue where mission success wasn't reporting properly if you weren't alive at the end of the round
    • Restored incapacitated ROE handling so shooting incapacitated players again will give you ROE violations
    • Grenadier role fixed so the M83 smoke grenades will appear in the role selection screen
    • Medic treatments will work when victim is within a vault mantle volume without triggering the vault mantle action
    • Client will now cleanup old stat cache files on start up
    • Removes "player didn't play in round" server logging message
    • All grenades will now properly display for all class types appropriately
    • Fixes weapon vanishing when player crouch/slides after a grenade is thrown
    • Fix for going prone weapon vanishing after grenade toss
    • Setting "Brightness" now saves properly
    • Added numerous Server Browser enhancements for performance
    • Activates primary weapon after sprinting if player no longer has a weapon
    • Weapon is now unzoomed/lowered when changing weapons
    • Fixes touching M714 smoke round so it no longer gives impact damage if it has no velocity
    • Interrupted reloads now return to the previous weapon fire mode
    • Fixes issues related to loadout at spawn
    • Fixes leaning players not being able to be hit in the head
    • Fix for grenades incorrectly triggering overpressure effects
    • Rounds are now locked to 6 rounds plus an optional OT round. Final round countdown is also locked to 10 seconds to avoid too short a time preventing correct round setup actions from occurring
    • Fixes issue in some AARs that were displaying the incorrect rank
    • Corrected first deployment cinematic
    • Fixes for enemy neutralized per round counter(and other round counters) not resetting every round
    • Kill/Death Ratio UI display now rounded to the nearest tenth
    • Fix for quick weapon swap inconsistency
    • Soldiers incapacitated with raised sights now lower their sights prior to going incapacitated which should fix the issue of the "large gun" view after being incapacitated
    • Preplanner objective buttons should no longer be off the edge and not be able to be clicked
    • Melee and M320 incapacitations should now count correctly
    • Radial menus should no longer interrupt firing until they fade in
    • Fix for VIP being incapacitated with no live teammates not awarding objective points as well as mission ending
    • Fix for melee working through walls if enemy soldier up against opposite side of wall
    • Modified appearance of CTT background
    • Fix for players being pushed to wrong walk speed state after transitioning between raised sights up and sprinting. Now restores previous state correctly
    • You can now use the middle mouse button for reloads and mouse button input is cleared when the radial menu appears
    • Fix for VIP who is incapacitated and then later secured or confirmed not triggering the VIP victory
    • Fixes door sounds to work in multiplayer
    • Fix for end of round AAR not always showing the correct winning action player
    • Fix for TAH briefing not having correct text
    • Fix for FOV not right after being capacitated if player was holding breath when they were incapacitated
    • Fixes a bug that was causing a aimpoint-scoped m249 to display the soldier's arm intersecting with the ammo case/softbag
    • Fixes a bug which was allowing players to shoot while vaulting/mantling *Corrects loadout handling so that separate fireteams now correctly use the proper index into the team class role list to get the loadoutFixes a bug that would allow a soldier to vault/mantle while reloading a weapon (or reload a weapon while vault/mantling)
    Stats & UI
    • Rank display corrected
    • Fixes advanced rifleman related achievements so SL's and FTL's are considered advanced rifleman and can earn the achievements
    • Fixes maximum length of player or soldier name issues
    • Adjusted the soldier overview statistics
    • Fixes exploit relating to disabling fog by disabling FloatingPointRenderTargets in the INI
    • Stick to the plan achievement fixed
    • Soldier achievements should never overflow the maximum actions required to earn an achievement in the Achievements UI
    • Several achievement rules corrected
    • Corrects Advancement Points not being awarded properly for completing training missions
    • Adds messaging when achievements are earned on server without enough players
    • V for Victory scoring rules corrected
    • Account linking should now work
    • Account settings page now has very brief instructions on using the unit information" (clan) tag field
    • Account settings should no longer show old information if player logs out and then creates a new account or logs in with a different account
    • Login button should once again be highlighted
    • Video Settings resolution selection should work better now (drop-down controls were replaced with better controls)
    • Map vote functionality restored
    • Vote kick UI now has room for all player names
    • Fixes for when vote kick target leaves server - - the vote kick option now fades out
    • Settings UI: Modified the way the Accept and Cancel buttons highlight and change state to avoid player confusion
    • Settings UI: Resolution adjustment for 4:3 ratios now work properly
    • Fixed several menu issues that could result in locking movement or not locking movement)
    • Vanishing angled brackets (greater than/less than symbols) no longer hide the players name
    • Support for joining a server from the aa3game.exe command line (use format "+connect " and optional "+password ").
    • UI corrections to several Army information pages
    • Fixes several Mission Completed scoring rules which will now allow the various distinguished role achievements to function properly
    • Fix for group handling logic so players in multiple groups have their groups prioritized
    • Added message sent to all players if 3 or fewer players are on teams so they know scoring won't countFix for account settings profile update data saving/updating so that you can navigate away from and back to the menu and see your changes without having to login again
    • VIP standard loadout on Impact now has the correct number of magazines
    • TAH volume on Impact can no longer be taken from below the building
    • Impact now has a moving Firescout
    • Fixed Impact level exploit where players could prone/crouch their way out of worldFixed Impact level bug where grenades could be thrown through wooden fence on SW Street *Fixed several rock collision and a collision problem on the stairs of the house in Ranch level * Collision problem with not being able to shoot through fence in Ranch barn
    Admin & Misc
    • In game IRC now sends the game version in the link
    • Several support and community page links corrected
    • New Authentication SDK with several fixes
    • New MBS SDK with several fixes and performance improvements
    • Fix for the PB kick when the player has PB intentionally disabled corrupting the player count on the server
    • Updated the OpenAL DLL's included with the game to the latest from Creative
    • Fix for Alt-Tab crash when using Vista (or DX9 in general)
    • Fix for performing radial menu action leaving left mouse button in pressed state
    • Admin communications console commands should now work correctly
    • Server admins can no longer pick a team and no longer appear in the team select list
    • Administrators no longer need to enter the GamePassword on locked servers if they use the correct AdminPWAdminRemovePlayerAdmin response message corrected

    Written by Valve on 10 september 2009 20:29

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