Urgent! Need Help with 3 Wordpress Issues

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    Issue #1:
    Recently, I was trying to create one table for a plugin for using WP_List_Table class in WordPress.

    Here is the part of the code, which is sorting
    • I'm getting 10 outputs from 10 results. When I am trying to sort after visiting the page 2, it is taking me to page 1 and perform the sort operation. Rather than staying on page 2 and perform the sort. Any idea, why is this happening?
    • Here is the part of the code, which is performing the sort operation:
    $enteries= $this->get_columns();
            $iarray= array();
            $darray = $this->get_sortable_columns();
            $this->_column_headers = array($enteries, $iarray, $darray);
            $per_page = 10;
            $current_page = $this->get_pagenum();
            $total_items = count( $this->banned_users );
            $found_data = array_slice($this->banned_users,(($current_page-1)*$per_page),$per_page);
    • I am also trying to search using a handle. And show the results of why people are searching but can't resolve it.
    Issue #2:
    There is a small website,I am trying to host using on a local server. The website was working perfectly but it started showing ~1GB error log file at the root place. I can't open the file. So, I deleted it and waited for some time. It appears again but with the following line of error:

    WordPress database error DELETE command denied to user 'XYZ'@'localhost' for table 'direct' for query DELETE FROM direct WHERE option_name = 'getting_simple' made by simple_delete, option_d
    I have tried to repair the file in the local host settings. But after every x second, this line is showing up again. I can't know, what is causing this error. I am not an expert, but a learner.

    Issue #3:
    There is another design issue with the website. I am working with a site that contains multiple maps on directory pages. This is required to get more detailed information. One map is the big one and showing at the top. And another map is popping up after the article and before the comments section. This map is creating weird issues including some roman letters and signs. An example is http://militarybases.co/directory/mcas-yuma-marine-corps-base-in-yuma/, please have a look at the HTML and script. And let me know, what is wrong and what should I do to correct it. Weird issue is, the top map is showing with 0 error but only the other one is creating the issue.
    Thanks for your time and help,

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