Valve Interview: Team Fortress 2 Changes

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    Valve's Robin Walker speaks with Shacknews on the topics of item drops and the future of Team Fortress 2. The latest TF2 patch introduced a 50 slot backpack and a new slot for head gear. Apparently fans of the title got their panties in a bunch over the "World of Warcraft-esque" changes.
    Valve's Robin Walker told us that while the TF2 team is interested in exploring more radical, RPG-style mechanics, the plan is to slowly introduce these new elements in order to "measure the effect of each change, both on the game and on the community."

    "The primary change here is simply the decoupling of achievements and unlockables, which is the source of most of the negative feedback we've received around previous class packs," said Walker. "It'll provide multiple ways for players to get items, with a plan to add more over time."​
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