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    wester v7 in nominate list and wester v8 in nominate list its only good for server and player. in gfl server is v8 and v7 in nominate list and its good for player and server. wester v7 and wester v8 are extreme different .you can make nominate list endless longer . wester v7 is only 1 more place in nominate list. its my idea and i want to help the wester player and server with it. and when you think its unfair that we play 2 westersands. we play 1 westersand but you can make wester v7 and v8 recently played. but we can choose 2 westersands version in nominate list pls. because many wester player want play only wester v7 and hate v8 wester. its unfair that only gfl play wester v7.

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